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    We are a non-profit organization dedicated solely towards developing the industrial engineering community of Pakistan. We are striving to spread the awareness about the field and create a network of our professionals both nationally and internationally.

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    Pakistan Society of Industrial Engineers is a dedicated non-profit organization which has a mission to serve the industrial engineers of Pakistan. We are striving to create a community of IEs of our country and will be linking them up with the international communities of Industrial Engineers.

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    We are looking to develop the industrial engineering community of Pakistan. Our aim is to gather all the students and professional IEz. Our organization is looking to not only form a network of industrial engineers within Pakistan but we are also looking to connect the Pakistani industrial engineers who are residing outside of our country. We wish to provide them with latest from the field updates as well as receive their feeds related to latest developments in the field outside.

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    We have prepared a special section in our website dedicated to answering most frequently asked questions about the field of Industrial Engineering specially for Pakistani Industrial Engineers who mostly require a lot of assistance in understanding their role in industries and what kind of job they are to perform.

Endeavors to uplift Industrial Engineering in Pakistan

Posted by PSIE Webmaster On 2:11 PM 1 comment

The Physlab at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering recently completed its collaborative project with Karachi's Habib University. The project was to foster a new episode in sharing cutting-edge tools and techniques in modern, research-inspired science education and also to promote the development and transfer of indigenous instructional systems developed at the Physics Lab of the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering.

In this research oriented environment Azeem Iqbal worked as an industrial engineer and contributed right from planning to the timely execution of every phase of the project, from market surveys and purchasing, to manufacturing and assembling, testing and inspection, all within an intensively active period of two months. The project was worth around 3 million and was increasingly onerous. But as an industrial engineer it was his job to zealously contribute in making the project a success.

This is indeed beginning of a new chapter for Industrial Engineering community in Pakistan that should be understood by a common man that the word "industrial" does not refer only to the factories. It also refers to the systems that produce tangible as well as service oriented in-tangible outputs. The Industrial Engineers are not confined to factories, they are an integral part of every system setup in a country. And their job  is to bring about a change and make the process more efficient and productive.

Industrial/Systems Engineering is a world-wide rapidly developing field right now. And in conning years as the systems and industries grow more and more complex the need for individuals such as Industrial Engineers (who are trained in mathematics, engineering and management sciences) will exponentially increase. And soon we will be able to see how this field will generate productive and efficient outcomes for humanity.


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