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  • About Pakistan Society of Industrial Engineers

    We are a non-profit organization dedicated solely towards developing the industrial engineering community of Pakistan. We are striving to spread the awareness about the field and create a network of our professionals both nationally and internationally.

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    Pakistan Society of Industrial Engineers is a dedicated non-profit organization which has a mission to serve the industrial engineers of Pakistan. We are striving to create a community of IEs of our country and will be linking them up with the international communities of Industrial Engineers.

  • Student Chapter at your University

    We are looking to develop the industrial engineering community of Pakistan. Our aim is to gather all the students and professional IEz. Our organization is looking to not only form a network of industrial engineers within Pakistan but we are also looking to connect the Pakistani industrial engineers who are residing outside of our country. We wish to provide them with latest from the field updates as well as receive their feeds related to latest developments in the field outside.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Industrial Engineering

    We have prepared a special section in our website dedicated to answering most frequently asked questions about the field of Industrial Engineering specially for Pakistani Industrial Engineers who mostly require a lot of assistance in understanding their role in industries and what kind of job they are to perform.

Adidas Shifts German, US Smart Factories To Asia

Posted by PSIE Webmaster On 7:03 PM

Sportswear maker Adidas announced Monday it was closing two niche but flagship factories in Germany and the United States that use robots and 4D printing to make sneakers, shifting the manufacturing to cheaper Asian factories instead

Sportswear maker Adidas announced Monday it was closing two niche but flagship factories in Germany and the United States that use robots and 4D printing to make sneakers, shifting the manufacturing to cheaper Asian factories instead.

The production of high-tech running shoes at its so-called speedfactories in Germany's Ansbach and in the US city of Atlanta "will be discontinued by April 2020 at the latest", Adidas said in a statement.

Just three years ago, the Bavaria-based group had hailed its speedfactory concept -- which uses highly automated processes to make shoes more quickly, more customised and closer to sales outlets -- as proof that manufacturing jobs could return to high-wage countries.

But from the end of this year, the speedfactory shoes will join Adidas' other models and be produced by existing suppliers in Asia, the group said.

Citing "advancements" made at the suppliers, the move would make production of the shoes "more flexible and economic while simultaneously expanding the range of products available", Adidas executive board member Martin Shankland said.

The two speedfactories churn out just a million of the roughly 400 million athletic shoes made by the group each year.

The future of the Ansbach plant's 160 workers is unclear at the moment.

The factory is operated by the German technology firm Oechsler, which has collaborated with Adidas on the project.

Oechsler CEO Claudius Kozlik said in the same statement that he regretted Adidas' pullout.

But he stressed that the two companies would continue to work togetheron soles for football shoes and 4D-printed soles.

PSIE partners with Mindstorm Engineering

Posted by PSIE Webmaster On 2:37 PM

Pakistan Society of Industrial Engineers (PSIE) feels delighted to partner with Mindstorm Engineering which a Karachi based technology startup providing industrial consultancy and training on the modern technologies of the upcoming fourth industrial revolution. Mindstorm aims to integrate IoT and Artificial Intelligence into the manufacturing sector of Pakistan to extend the capabilities of our industries to smart and digitization. They have also developed IoT learning kits for students and young enthusiasts who wish to learn IoT. You can find more about their products and services by visiting their website at (https://mindstormengg.com/)

The partnership is a mutual agreement to help develop the industrial community of Pakistan. Mindstorm will provide exclusive discounts to our members on their industrial training courses. We would also host consultants, trainers, and professionals from Mindstorm to deliver interesting online lectures and seminars for our esteemed members.

We are excited and look forward to a great long-term working relationship.

PSIE partners with IEOM USA

Posted by PSIE Webmaster On 8:27 PM

Pakistan Society of Industrial Engineers (PSIE) forms an exciting long-term partnership with Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) society based in Michigan, USA The collaboration is based on mutual cooperation in furthering the international support to foster industrial engineering in Pakistan and to create opportunities for Pakistani industrial engineering students and professionals to be active participants in the global arena. 

With more than 50 IEOM Professional Chapters and 30 Student Chapters around the World, IEOM Society promotes the field of Industrial Engineering (IE) and Operations Management (OM) worldwide. They provide opportunities to IE and OM professionals through yearly conferences/ seminars/workshops across the globe, and illustrative research publications to disseminate the earned knowledge and experience.

We invite all Pakistani IE students and universities to join IEOM and PSIE to work in coherence for the betterment of industrial engineering in Pakistan.  

Lean Six Sigma Laboratory Process Consulting

Posted by PSIE Webmaster On 8:42 AM

Operational excellence and cost control enable leading companies to bring advancements in science to market faster. A team of field-based, Lean Six Sigma-trained Laboratory Process Consultants will help you make intelligent decisions that align with your business goals and strategy. Streamline procurement, optimize inventory, and manage your suppliers more effectively so your scientists can concentrate on research and innovation.
Optimize Your Procurement Cycle and Supply Chain for Reliable Inventory
Time spent waiting for supplies is one of the biggest wastes facing labs across the globe. And when the procurement process is slow or unreliable, inventory accumulates at the bench and throughout the supply chain. 
Consolidate for Efficiency and Continuity Throughout the Procurement ProcessManaging multiple suppliers, contracts, pricing, and logistics is time-consuming. A perfect example of Lean thinking is consolidating your supplier base to a single point of contact that fully understands your needs. 
Where to Begin: Lean Six Sigma Assessment Knowledgeable Laboratory Process Consultants conduct a holistic evaluation that identifies process improvements to achieve greater speed and cost savings. We learn your goals, objectives, and challenges, then map and implement processes that provide the best opportunities for innovation.
All Systems Aligned for Maximum Value The six sigma consultants can help you aim beyond operational improvement by integrating systems throughout your organization to build a sustainable culture of innovation that drives your business’ success. We can also provide onsite support with proven systems and services that deliver the flexibility, quality, and velocity that enable your valued scientists to focus on their work.